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Communiqué #1 - Spiritual Development

Laura Novecosky, Provincial Chairperson of Spiritual Development

July 2022


The recurring conversations surrounding reconciliation have been at the forefront of news and discussions in Canada. The upcoming Papal Visit by Pope Francis to advance the reconciliation journey with Indigenous People of Canada is a hopeful sign that this journey will bear much fruit. The Holy Father will come to Edmonton from July 24-27, to Quebec City and Ste. Anne -de-Beaupre on July 27 and to Iqaluit on July 29.  Please continue to pray for open dialogue and healing during his meetings with the representatives of the people he has journeyed here to meet.


Pope Francis has also named 3 women to the Vatican Dicastery for Bishops. This committee is responsible for identifying future bishops globally. This marks the first time women have been appointed to this group. This also marks the first appointment of a laywoman to this group.


Summer is a great time to reflect on reconciliation in our own lives. We often have time for a vacation and can find time for reflection and enjoyment. The slower pace of summer often provides time for reflection. It is a good practice to end our days with a few minutes of time thinking of how we were able to enact the spirit of reconciliation in our days, in our interactions with family and with others. As we identify these trends in our lives, we can take action to support our efforts, and make adjustments to our practices and thinking that does not enhance reconciliation.


Laura Novecosky


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