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Communiqué #1 - Christian Family Life

Helen Kayfish, Provincial Chairperson of Christian Family Life

July 2022


Sanctity of Life

One of the objects of the League is to protect the sanctity of life. Currently Canada has no law limiting abortions at any time or place or by any method. We have all recently heard the ruling of the Supreme Court of the US and how Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has condemned the ruling. His government has said "it won't turn away Americans who can't get an abortion at home". The National Report Newspaper from July 3, 2022 reports that more than 74,000 abortions were done in Canada in 2020. In the same article it tells that the Women's Health Clinic in Winnipeg, which is only 70 miles from the US border, reports that it is hard to keep up with the demands that already exist. The clinic's director, Blandine Tona says "even a small number of inquiries from Americans could tax the clinic". Even if access to abortions in Canada was approved for Americans, advocacy groups said, "there are other barriers, including the need for a passport, the cost of the procedure which could be as high as $600.00 USD would likely dissuade Americans from crossing the border for an abortion and make them more likely to travel to other states". 


National Chairperson of Christian Family Life, Dorothy Johansen, says in her communique #05 June 30, 2022, "members of the League support many pro-life organizations and participate in events such as March for Life and 40 days for Life. They also support organizations that look after women and children in need when they have chosen life and support women who have been traumatized by abortion through organizations such as Project Rachel." We are asked to encourage members to continue to focus on protecting the sanctity of life by working on and praying to change the minds and hearts of women contemplating abortion as a solution to their problems, rather than accepting members' support for them and their children. As members we should also contact our Member of Parliament and ask them to protect the sanctity of life by passing into law a ban on abortions. 


Ministry to Youth

I recently attended the grade 12 graduation and mass of my granddaughter's class and I was disappointed to say that I saw very little participation in the celebration of mass by the graduates. Very few even made the sign of the cross. Have we failed in sharing our faith with our children and grandchildren? Are we participating in the request to have our children 'done' when asking for the sacraments? Please pray for and teach your children and grandchildren the value of attending mass and the freedom of being Christians and having to right to practice our religion. 


May God Bless You in your endeavors to practice our faith,


Helen Kayfish


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