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Communiqué #1 - Past President/Archives

 Chantal Devine, Provincial Past President and Chairperson of Archives

July 2022


After navigating through the troubled waters of a pandemic in most of my three years as provincial president, I feel as though I have reached the tranquil waters on the distant shore as I begin my term as past president in charge of archives. I’m looking forward to this new opportunity to help grow the League, and to become even more knowledgeable about its history in our province.


While I was reviewing the past president’s information I’d received, I came across a letter postdated in Regina on February 24 at 10:30 PM 1948. The letter was simply addressed to Mrs. Mulreenna, Assiniboia, Sask. with no return address. The one- page type written letter was a “Notice of Meeting” sent by the convener of the Provincial CWL Committee, Ellen M. Drake and she wrote,


  “Notice is hereby given that a meeting for the purpose of organizing the Sask Provincial Council of the 
   Catholic Women’s League of Canada and electing the officers of the provincial council will be held at
   Rosary Hall, Saskatoon on the 12th day of March 1948 at 1:30pm. o’clock.”


What a treasure to find the original letter that propelled the members of the CWL in 1948 to form the first provincial council in Saskatchewan! Thanks, to former past presidents for submitting and conserving this and similar information. To read the complete history of this historic event, check out the CWL archives located in Regina.


If you are new to this position, I strongly encourage you to read through Appendix 5: Archives Guidelines for League History Provincial, Diocesan and Parish Councils in the National Manual of Policy and Procedures page 202. This will give you a complete explanation and outline of your responsibilities as past president in charge of archives.


The duties of past president are also summarized on page 4 of the Handbook for Past President, and I quote only the highlights on that page,


  1. serve her council and president in a consultative capacity.
  2. be responsible for the archives and history of her council.
  3. facilitate and encourage the study and implementation of the Constitution & Bylaws.
  4. submit an annual report to the next level (parish to diocesan, diocesan to provincial, provincial to national), summarizing her years activities.


The conscientious work you do today in preserving the work taking place in your council is a gift for future generations of CWL members. Just as the letter I found, written nearly a lifetime ago, helped to motivate me in embracing my duties as past president, I pray that the Holy Spirit will inspire our work so that we may also motivate future members in their responsibilities as past presidents.


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