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Communiqué #4 - Community Life

Patsy Salzl, Provincial Chairperson of Community Life

May 2023


Our Easter celebrations have past and I hope you all had a wonderful Easter with family and friends. My husband and I had an opportunity to travel to Yuma Arizona during the Easter celebrations. What an experience we had on the Easter Vigil. The church was full with about 500-600 people and about 30 candidates for 1st Communion and Confirmation. The choir consisted of 5 women singers, a drummer, 3 guitars and a keyboard player. The Mass and the music were both in English and Spanish. The final song was in spanish and carried on for a length of time and when it ended the congregation erupted with whistles, applauses and cheers. We have never experienced that before, it was very up-lifting.


To give life to this group an ad hoc committee was formed consisting of National officers and Indige-nous members. This committee wishes to gather information from members at large so that it can recommend supports and resources to ensure Indigenous members are valued, respected, nurtured and able to fully participate in all League activities and projects. We have been asked to complete a survey either electronically or by mail no later than May 15/23. I plan on going to the Onion Lake reserve to meet with some Indigenous ladies and help them fill out these surveys.


For more than 50 years the League has supported Development and Peace through the 1% program. You ask what the 1% program is? It means contributing to the National Voluntary Fund by giving 1% of the cost of all personal items purchased by members and 1% of funds raised by Councils. One percent does not seem like much but when all members and Councils across Canada contribute it can add up to a lot of support for our D&P programs and relief work. There are many ways to donate so become creative and send those donations in. These funds can be contributed until June 30/23.



National Community Life Chairperson Faith Anderson
Have you ever found a painted rock? Maybe you would like to paint or decorate a rock. People worldwide paint rocks and leave them in parks, on trails and around their towns for others to see or pick up. These rocks can be as simple or as decorative as each individual wants. This initiative is in-tended as a community project. You can ask women in your Parish or maybe there are women that have become lukewarm at church to come and join you. We are going to ask some of our Confirmation candidates to help us. You could have snacks and make an evening out of it, with visiting and fellowship.


Just 3 simple steps:
1. gather rocks from fields or streams or riverbeds.
2. paint the rocks and use inspirational words if you like.
3. take the rock and hide it in a place you choose.
Take pictures of your crafters and send them to by June 30/23.


This program is working with the Human Trafficking Investigators. This group supply a back pack filled with a brand new change of clothing, toiletry items and a handwritten card with words of encouragement. They also provide a prayer bracelet for them and a matching one is given to a volunteer prayer warrior to continue to pray for them. We need to help out with this program by donating money or by volunteering to become a prayer warrior. You can search their site at IWIN


"Rescue the weak and the needy; deliver them from the hands of the wicked" Psalm 82:4.


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Communiqué #3 - Community Life

Patsy Salzl, Provincial Chairperson of Community Life

January 2023


The Christmas season is over and the New Year has begun. That means the League is back at work once again.


The Webinar we had on Nov. 24 and 26 on Human Trafficking, -there is a study guide divided into 4 sections: See, Learn, Pray and Act.  You can download the guide at:


Following is a link to a Salt & Light Media Video "UNBOUND: A CONVERSATION AGAINST


Since 1967, many league members have heeded the call "to witness the love of God through Ministry
and Service" by supporting D&P. D&P also educates Canadians about the root causes of poverty
and empowers them to act and advocate for a meaningful change. Are you a member yet? A Lifetime
membership cost is only $10.00. Ask your members to join the D&P.


A thank you letter has been received from CNEWA for donations to the National Voluntary fund of
$10,680.45 and $2,560.00 for relief efforts in Ukraine, collected at the 2022 National Convention in


Domestic violence costs lives, takes a toll on those harmed, affects adults and children, and costs Canadians
billions of dollars. To educate and inform, The League is pleased to host a webinar titled "WE CAN DO BETTER! DOMESTIC VIOLENCE IN CANADA".


Feb. 11, 2023 Saturday at 11:00am - 12:00 pm CST. Cost is $5.00 per
registrant. The proceeds will be donated to Willow Place.


This webinar is open to everyone. Please encourage those you know to attend or watch, it may help someone in the future.



As “Catholics & Living It” members, we need to be educated and informed on this topic that could be
happening to a family member, neighbour or friend.


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Communiqué #2 - Community Life

Patsy Salzl, Provincial Chairperson of Community Life

October 2022


We had a great 102nd National Convention in Kelowna but now it is time to get to business.


The Resolution "Enact Federal Legislation to Reduce Food Loss and Waste" was passed at our Convention.


The National council of the CWL of Canada urges the Federal government to enact legislation to re-duce food loss and waste in Canada's agri-food, industrial, commercial and institutional governments urging them to collaborate with the federal government to reduce food loss and waste in Canada's industrial, commercial and institutional sectors.


Raise awareness that could include inviting speakers and providing information and resources to members and the public about reducing food loss and waste.


National Day for Truth and Reconciliation:


Each year on Sept. 30th we honor the children who never returned home and the survivors of residen-tial school.


Some suggestions for action:

  • Hold a day of prayer for the children and survivors and families.
  • Wear an Orange shirt on Sept. 30th
  • Invite a residential school survivor to share their story.


Our Lady of Guadalupe Circle:


Colleen Martin co-chairperson for Our Lady of Guadalupe Circle spoke to us virtually at the 102nd National Convention. Included in her talk was a challenge on "What can Catholic Women Do?" Councils are encouraged to review the information and to access the website:


The National Theme "Catholic and Living It" brought about the Food Bank Project which ended in June 2022. The amount of $3,395.00 was donated to Mary's Meals. This project created awareness on this important organization's services. It cost only $26.40 to feed one child for a whole school year in some developing countries. Pope Francis said " There is always someone who is hungry or thirsty and who needs me. This poor person needs me, my help, my word, my commitment. We are all involved in this.

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Communiqué #1 - Community Life

Patsy Salzl, Provincial Chairperson of Community Life

July 2022


We are now entering into summer and with all the rain we have been having the countryside is very green and lush. Take some time this summer to enjoy some quiet time and rest and relaxing.

This is my first year on the Provincial Council. I live on a farm near Paradise Hill with my husband. I am the standing committee chair for Community Life and I am looking forward to working with all of you as we grow in faith together.


Pope Francis' Pastoral Visit:

Pope Francis will make his pastoral visit to Canada July 24 - 29, 2022. For more information you can visit If councils would like to help cover cost for the Pope's visit you can through the website and donate directly through the donate button.


Human Trafficking:

A human trafficking Webinar was held on May 28. The presenter was Joy Smith and she shared her extensive knowledge in this area. Joy Smith confirmed that 93% of the trafficked victims in Canada are Canadian born.

"Education is the greatest weapon" in combatting human trafficking.


Child Labour in Mining Mica:

Mica is a light and relatively soft, silicate material, that once mined becomes sheet mica or scrap mica. Sheet mica is used in many products, mainly electronic industry. Scrap mica is used in construction as a filler. It is also ground up and used to give the glitter, sparkle, and shine to cosmetics and car paints. In some places it is mined irresponsibly and at a great risk to health and safety of the people who mine it. Many children have died from the result of the unsafe mining conditions. So please let us become more aware of this issue and start to stand up for them.


Ukraine Refugees:

Ukrainian Refugees are now arriving in Canada and some have arrived in Regina, Sask. It is a very difficult time as they leave their home country and start a new life. Please find ways in your councils to help and support these refugees.

The war has forced over 14 million people to abandon their homes, 7 million have fled to neighbouring countries and another 8 million have become internally displaced persons. About 13 million people are living in Ukraine's most devastated regions and often don't have access to essential goods.


The National Theme for 2022 - 2024 is Catholic and Living It. It challenges each member to live their faith as Catholics. Our world is turning upside down so more than ever we have to be diligent about praying. Praying our Rosary is a powerful weapon so use it.


Patty Salzl


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