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Communiqué #1 - Community Life

Patsy Salzl, Provincial Chairperson of Community Life

July 2022


We are now entering into summer and with all the rain we have been having the countryside is very green and lush. Take some time this summer to enjoy some quiet time and rest and relaxing.

This is my first year on the Provincial Council. I live on a farm near Paradise Hill with my husband. I am the standing committee chair for Community Life and I am looking forward to working with all of you as we grow in faith together.


Pope Francis' Pastoral Visit:

Pope Francis will make his pastoral visit to Canada July 24 - 29, 2022. For more information you can visit If councils would like to help cover cost for the Pope's visit you can through the website and donate directly through the donate button.


Human Trafficking:

A human trafficking Webinar was held on May 28. The presenter was Joy Smith and she shared her extensive knowledge in this area. Joy Smith confirmed that 93% of the trafficked victims in Canada are Canadian born.

"Education is the greatest weapon" in combatting human trafficking.


Child Labour in Mining Mica:

Mica is a light and relatively soft, silicate material, that once mined becomes sheet mica or scrap mica. Sheet mica is used in many products, mainly electronic industry. Scrap mica is used in construction as a filler. It is also ground up and used to give the glitter, sparkle, and shine to cosmetics and car paints. In some places it is mined irresponsibly and at a great risk to health and safety of the people who mine it. Many children have died from the result of the unsafe mining conditions. So please let us become more aware of this issue and start to stand up for them.


Ukraine Refugees:

Ukrainian Refugees are now arriving in Canada and some have arrived in Regina, Sask. It is a very difficult time as they leave their home country and start a new life. Please find ways in your councils to help and support these refugees.

The war has forced over 14 million people to abandon their homes, 7 million have fled to neighbouring countries and another 8 million have become internally displaced persons. About 13 million people are living in Ukraine's most devastated regions and often don't have access to essential goods.


The National Theme for 2022 - 2024 is Catholic and Living It. It challenges each member to live their faith as Catholics. Our world is turning upside down so more than ever we have to be diligent about praying. Praying our Rosary is a powerful weapon so use it.


Patty Salzl


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