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Communiqué #1 - Education and Health 

    Wendy Dale, Provincial Chairperson of Education and Health

July 2022


Greeting Sisters in the League! I am humbled to have been trusted as a Provincial Chairperson in the important area of Education and Health. I am excited and looking forward to sharing the knowledge that I have gained through my career as a Catholic High School teacher who is still learning. 


I have been reading through the protocol for sending out communiques and am cognizant that they are to communicate important dates and initiatives including useful resources that members can access. Even in the middle of July heatwave, there are two important events to draw your attention to, one is happening imminently, and one will be starting in September, but you can start thinking about it already.


The imminent event is the Pope’s visit and apology. For those not able to go to one of the visitation sites, I encourage you to check out ways to participate at your parish or a diocesan event through prayer and local action. Let us remember to pray for a safe trip for Pope Francis, and that all Canadians will be inspired to humbly continue walking and supporting each other on this journey to Reconciliation that we are on. 


The second event is an opportunity to expand your knowledge about Truth and Reconciliation through a course called Indigenous Pastoral Lay Ministry Education. This course is jointly sponsored by the Diocese of Saskatoon, St. Thomas More College, and Greater Saskatoon Catholic Schools. There are four sections to this virtual course, participants log in for 75 minute sessions (from all across Canada) once a week which include prayer, guest speakers, breakout rooms, and credible information about Truth and Reconciliation. It is enriching, and even if you can not commit to all four sections, the information gained by any one part is an important and eye-opening catalyst to future growth. The link to more information and registration is:


I hope that summer is a time of rest, relaxation, and rejuvenation for you and your families. I look forward to sharing and journeying with you in this upcoming year. 


Keep cool, and keep praying!



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