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Communiqué #4 - Education and Health 

Wendy Dale, Provincial Chairperson of Education and Health

May 2023


We wait in such anticipation for Spring to arrive, and then when it gets here, it brings a barrage of events like dance competitions, piano recitals, Track and Field meets, soccer games, confirmations, first communions, weddings, football camps, the NHL playoffs, CWL conventions…. It can be overwhelming. The season of gentle rebirth does not always arrive gently, and so it is fitting that May is also recognized as Mental Health awareness month. For those of us in the school system, spring signals a time of winding down, not beginnings, and living in that paradox can be stressful. The communiques that I have received from National and Diocesan both focus on the importance of looking after ourselves, since we all want to be able to look after others. Thank you to Mary Jacobi and Margaret Schwab for the following paragraph that I am now passing on to you.


Two webinars will be available for the week of 12 Hours of Prayer for Palliative Care. Ontario Provincial Council is presenting the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops’ Horizons of Hope: A Toolkit for Catholic Parishes on Palliative Care to assist caregivers and family members facing a terminal illness to understand palliative care from a theological, ethical and medical perspective. Presenters will be parish nurse and Life Member Shirley Christo, MHSc, MEd, and Dr. Moira McQueen, PhD, on Monday, May 8th from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. (CDT). The registration deadline is Sunday, May 7th. Register by contacting Shaila D’Souza at The second webinar, offered by National Council, will be on Saturday, May 13th, at 9:00 a.m. (CDT). The presenter will be Mary-Anne Parker, an end-of-life researcher working with the Saskatchewan Hospice Palliative Care Association. Registration is available at


Have you read your Spring issue of The Canadian League? There is a comprehensive report on the meetings that occurred between a League delegation and political leaders in Ottawa in regards to Youth mental health, and the banning of plastic microbeads in personal care products. To learn more about access and counselling services available through Wellness Together Canada – visit Another reminder that the deadline to apply for funding from the National Bursary Fund is May 15th . Qualified recipients may receive up to $1000 per year and up to $4000 in a lifetime to pursue ongoing education that would help them in their work or ministry. For more information see the criteria and application requirements found at


Did you know that World Catholic Education Week is May 14-21? Are you doing anything to celebrate this with the schools connected to your Council? Thursday, May 18 is World Catholic Education Day. Pray for your schools and students, and let them know that you did! Those prayers give a lot of confidence to the teachers and students in the building, and also raise awareness of your Councils. Please share what you have done to mark World Catholic Education Day.


As we continue working our way to summer, please remember to take the time to stop, breathe, pray, and know that you are precious to God. Listen to those who need to talk, and share your story as well – it could be the strength and comfort that pulls a Sister through.


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Communiqué #3 - Education and Health 

Wendy Dale, Provincial Chairperson of Education and Health

January 2023


Is it just me, or does it seem like Christmas was yesterday, and Ash Wednesday is right around the corner? As a high school teacher, I have just finished with Semester 1 finals and report card comments, and am getting ready to start Semester 2. It’s like a brand new school year starting, and for a lot of Councils, this is a brand new year trying to incorporate the Three Pillars and navigating the aftermath of our valiant efforts to continue on through a pandemic. Council sizes and gatherings have changed, and will continue to change as we discern how to best serve our League sisters, our neighbours and Canada. It's important to remember that none of us are alone as we do our planning and dreaming for the year ahead, that’s the beauty of belonging to the CWL. We are a faith community intended to build each other up. Have a “mental health” meeting where there is no agenda… (what is she talking about – no agenda??) visit with each other, have some tea or coffee (if it’s not Lent yet, add some sweet creamer or Bailey’s) share your best experiences from the week, share your struggles, have some Bible time or do some step counting and praying. Look after yourselves!


January 4th was National Ribbon Skirt and Shirt Day. Do you have one? Do you have an Elder that your Council can contact about creating your own skirts? If not, there are many Indigenous businesses where you can purchase a skirt or shirt, then you will have one to wear to show solidarity with our First Nations communities on TRC days. As our Pope has stated, Reconciliation requires us to Walk Together. This is an easy way to show our commitment to Truth and Reconciliation.


Our National Education and Health Chairperson has sent out some important information for anyone who is considering increasing their spiritual knowledge or taking on a ministry that requires some training. There is a National Bursary Fund that you can apply to for financial assistance. The deadline for applications is May 15th. Qualified recipients may receive up to $1000 per year and up to $4000 in a lifetime. For more information see the criteria and application requirements found at


World Water Day is March 22nd. The United Nations has 17 Sustainable Development Goals—one of which is to ensure the availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation by 2030. Statis-tics show that this is an insurmountable goal, and to meet the target, governments, businesses and ALL people will need to do what they can to manage water and waste responsibly. Each member can contribute through education, prayer, and action. Many small actions can have significant results. What small steps can your council promote? Have a water challenge! For info check


With Lent approaching, we will be looking for ways to increase our prayer, fasting and almsgiving. Use this as an opportunity to reach out to your local High School. Bring over some cookies or snacks, chat with the Admin team and Chaplain. More importantly – do you have an activity that needs to be done, and you could sure use some extra hands? Any student who is taking Catholic Studies has to do a Service Project – and in non-Catholic High Schools, most Physical Education classes have a volunteer component that each student needs to plan for. If we want to make connections with the next generation of girls we need to be more visible and accessible to them. Let them see how cool we are, and how much fun we can have serving the Lord.


Have a beautiful and blessed Lent, look after yourselves and each other!  


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Communiqué #2 - Education and Health 

Wendy Dale, Provincial Chairperson of Education and Health

October 2022


Dear Sisters in the League,


I hope you will forgive me that my previous Communique and this one have a heavy Education com-ponent to them. That is of course from 18-years-and-counting of teaching experience, and only 9 years of observing my daughter work as an RN in the Emergency Rooms at St. Paul and RUH. There are some very informative events coming up that will definitely add to your Education and Health knowledge, and I encourage you to look for local events to attend that will allow you to share information with your Councils.


In regards to Truth and Reconciliation, there were several opportunities to participate in walks, pow-wows, gatherings, and Orange Shirt activities to mark the National Day of Truth and Reconciliation on Sept 30. This evening I attended the first of four evening sessions offered by “The 2022 Justice Generation Conference” at St Thomas Moore College at the U of S. Tonight’s video speaker was Archbishop Donald Bolen with great insights as to how working on the TRC Calls to Action can bring us all to healing.


As the new school year begins and parish life begins to settle in, please check out your Parish and Diocesan bulletins for opportunities to participate in Development and Peace initiatives, Migrant and Refugee committees, and in this month of October – times and different ways to say the Rosary! Of course we can all say the Rosary on our own, but think of the witness you can be by attending a parish Rosary gathering – your presence there could be just the inspiration that someone else is looking for!


The 2022 CHAS Convention is fast approaching on Oct 27 and 28 in Saskatoon. You can still register up to October 19. The amazing line up of speakers includes Fr Ron Rolheiser speaking on “Spiritual Health and Wellness – Symptoms, Diagnoses and Some Counsel for the Long Haul”. Other sessions include “Getting Results for Long-Term Care”, “Hospitality: A Pathway Through Polarization” and “Pope Francis Apology and the Path Toward Reconciliation.” You can attend virtually or in person.


If there are events happening in your Diocese that you would like me to alert others about – you can email me at and I can get the word out for you. I wish you all the best as this year gets going – and by the way, did you know that Oct 6 was the Feast Day of St Bruno? If you didn’t it’s probably because…. Sing it with me sisters…. We don’t talk about Bruno, no no no…. Haha – can there be a Grandma out there who has not had to endure Encanto over and over again this summer? A teachable moment to bring the faith to the little ones. God bless you all, enjoy the changing of the Seasons 


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Communiqué #1 - Education and Health 

    Wendy Dale, Provincial Chairperson of Education and Health

July 2022


Greeting Sisters in the League! I am humbled to have been trusted as a Provincial Chairperson in the important area of Education and Health. I am excited and looking forward to sharing the knowledge that I have gained through my career as a Catholic High School teacher who is still learning. 


I have been reading through the protocol for sending out communiques and am cognizant that they are to communicate important dates and initiatives including useful resources that members can access. Even in the middle of July heatwave, there are two important events to draw your attention to, one is happening imminently, and one will be starting in September, but you can start thinking about it already.


The imminent event is the Pope’s visit and apology. For those not able to go to one of the visitation sites, I encourage you to check out ways to participate at your parish or a diocesan event through prayer and local action. Let us remember to pray for a safe trip for Pope Francis, and that all Canadians will be inspired to humbly continue walking and supporting each other on this journey to Reconciliation that we are on. 


The second event is an opportunity to expand your knowledge about Truth and Reconciliation through a course called Indigenous Pastoral Lay Ministry Education. This course is jointly sponsored by the Diocese of Saskatoon, St. Thomas More College, and Greater Saskatoon Catholic Schools. There are four sections to this virtual course, participants log in for 75 minute sessions (from all across Canada) once a week which include prayer, guest speakers, breakout rooms, and credible information about Truth and Reconciliation. It is enriching, and even if you can not commit to all four sections, the information gained by any one part is an important and eye-opening catalyst to future growth. The link to more information and registration is:


I hope that summer is a time of rest, relaxation, and rejuvenation for you and your families. I look forward to sharing and journeying with you in this upcoming year. 


Keep cool, and keep praying!



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