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 "Walking Together"


Provincial Theme 2022 - 2024


 “How good and pleasant it is when God’s people live together in unity!” Psalm 133:1 



   President's Challenge Update

 July 2023


At our 75th Annual Provincial Convention we presented Bishop Mark Hagemoen a cheque for $2,540.00 that was received from parish councils for the Indigenous Reconciliation Fund in the past year. While we didn’t hear from all of our councils, it is never too late to meet the challenge. It would be encouraging if we could provide Bishop Mark with an even larger cheque next year.


Please read some of the stories that parish councils have been submitted to date to give you an idea of how you may educate your members. Linda Maddaford has submitted a link to an excellent article that provides many ways you can do to learn more about indigenous history in Canada. You can find it on the President's Challenge page.

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October 2022


In my first president’s message I introduced the theme for the next two years, “Walking Together” and offered ways that councils can embrace the journey. In 2023, the provincial council will be cele-brating it’s 75th anniversary. We haven’t been able to do much celebrating these past two years so I am sure everyone will be ready to celebrate this occasion.


To add to our celebrations, I am asking each council, in the next six months, to find some way to heighten awareness of Indigenous history and residential schools. In addition, if each council would fundraise $100.00, we could combine these funds to donate to the TRC Healing Response for our province.


Councils are asked to send their cheques to the Provincial Council Treasurer along with a story about the activity (s) your council found to do with your members. The total of the donations will then be presented to the Bishops at our Provincial Convention.


The stories can be sent to


I can’t wait to hear the responses to the challenge. May the Holy Spirit provide you with guidance on this journey!


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July 2022


As I embark on my two-year term as your provincial president, I feel humbled to represent our provincial members at our national table. I have come to know many faith-filled, justice seeking women of service in my relatively short time as a Catholic Women’s League member. I find it hard to see myself  measuring up to those who have gone before me. I can assure you though that I will do my best, with God’s help.  


Thank you to all those who have said “YES” to being part of the provincial council and diocesan council leadership. You have let the Holy Spirit inspire you and you in turn will now inspire others.  


I have chosen “Walking Together” as a theme I would like to have for the next two years. I had decided on this a while before it was revealed as the theme for Pope Francis’ visit to Canada, While I debated on changing my theme I decided to stick with it. This theme flows naturally from our past years theme of “Inclusion” and signifies our resolve to work on building relationships with others, within our councils, our parishes, our communities, and our country. 


For many of us, we have spent the past two and some years journeying down some pretty lonesome paths. As we now are beginning to gather face to face, perhaps it is time to consider just how we can best show that we are “Catholic and living it”. While reconciliation and walking together with our Indigenous brothers and sisters is of the utmost importance, we also must consider many others we need to walk with in our journey forward.  


We are now heading into the summer months; however, it is never too early to think about September and getting back to the work of the League. Now is the time to start that planning. 


First, we must bring our councils together. Some may have been having difficulties even before the pandemic, others may have been doing well but lost their momentum, and others may have been fortunate enough to find ways to continue on despite the restrictions. Every council is as unique as the individuals that make up its membership. What will work for one council may not work for another. Begin with an evening of prayer. Talk about what might work the best to get your council going again. Many new resources have been created in the last two years. Our diocesan and provincial councils are prepared to help you use them. Invite them to come and give you a hand. We will walk with you. 


Second, we must let our parishes know we are still around. Many of our churches have not filled up. Let us fill it with our members and have a CWL Sunday. Ask your parish priest to speak on the value of being a CWL member. Is there a project that your council could undertake that would involve all of the parish? Look around and see who you can invite to join. Many have said they never considered joining because no one ever asked them. 


Third, look for opportunities there may be in your community to get to know more about Indigenous history and residential schools. Is there a cultural event you could attend? Invite other members of your council to come with you or have a guest speaker at your parish. Are there outreach services that you could assist in ministering to the needs of those less fortunate? 


I will be looking forward to hearing about all the activities you will be embarking upon in these next two years. Please invite me to share them with you. Share the results in reports and pictures to the website, by emailing


We will be walking together, building relationships, being Catholic and Living it! 


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