Catholic Women's League of Saskatchewan

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Laura Novecosky

Spiritual Development


I became a member of our local CWL council in 1977. I have held most positions on our local council over the years, with many of those years as president. My parish was originally in the Regina Diocese, but when the boundaries were changed we were moved to the Saskatoon Diocese. While we were in the Regina Diocese, the decision was made to develop Regions. I joined the Regina Diocesan council several years later as one of the Regional Chairs. Once we were moved to the Saskatoon Diocese, I once again became a Regional Co-chair for several years. I was also on Saskatoon Diocesan Council for one term. This is my first term on the Provincial Council.

My husband Jim and I have 3 children and 4 adult grandchildren. I enjoy reading, gardening, baking and sewing. We love to travel, especially on bus trips in the fall and winter, and camping in the summer time.

I look forward to learning more about the Spiritual Development Convenorship and growing with all of you in service to each other and to the Catholic Women’s League.