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Organization Communiqué #4 - November 2018

Chantal Devine, Provincial Organization Chairperson


 As this year is coming to an end, and the season of Advent is about to begin, let us pause and give thanks for the inspiration we’ve received from the Holy Spirit in our work for God and Canada. At this special time, our dedication to the League continues with the anticipation of renewed vibrancy in our organization and growth in our membership. During these last few weeks of 2018, as chairpersons of organization, we should pay special attention to annual reports, memberships and leadership.


Annual Reports: As I write this, I’m sure many of you are preparing your annual reports. National office has provided provincial chairpersons the means to monitor responses of annual reports on line. To date, only 13 councils in the three dioceses in Saskatchewan have responded. Please encourage the parish councils in your diocese to submit their reports outlining the wonderful work they have done in the past year. It is the duty of organization chairs at all levels to ensure the reports are sent to the next level on time.


Membership: Hopefully, your membership drive is well underway so that your funds will be sent to National by January 1, 2019. An encouraging phone call to some of the councils who have not submitted their membership fees will usually bring about positive results. Sharing the gift of the League is every member’s responsibility, however, as organization chairpersons our mission should be to set an example for others by putting our words into action! When I was a director with Mary Kay Cosmetics, we were taught that we should ask at least ten women to join Mary Kay before we could expect one positive reply, I believe the same measure applies to sharing the League. Inviting Catholic women to join the League is not difficult when we’re  convinced that every Catholic woman would benefit by being a CWL member.


Leadership: In Fran Lucas’ first communique as National Organization Chair, she mentioned that in order to fill leadership positions at all levels of the League, we need to educate our members. When bringing someone into the League it’s important to journey with them teaching them the many interesting facets of our organization. Fran also suggested that “an excellent starter for girls to be initiated as future League members,” is to form a Catholic Girls League in your parish. One of my long-term goals as president elect, is to see the formation of Catholic Girls Leagues in each of our three dioceses in Saskatchewan. In order to do this, I’ll need your help. A short overview of the CGL can be seen in the excellent video, Women on a Mission, which can be found on the national website I’ve been in touch with other CGL leaders in Canada who have shared the procedure they followed in forming a Catholic Girls League. Please contact me if you have someone in your diocese that is interested in promoting this valuable endeavor.


In past years, March has been considered the time for training in the League. Plan now to have a workshop in your area. This event could serve as a leadership training session. To offset your expenses, apply to the National Development Fund for funding, but remember the application must be submitted two months in advance. Please refer to the email about the National Development Fund from Fran Lucas which I forwarded to you in October.


May the Holy Spirit, during this season of joyful anticipation, inspire us to answer God’s call as we share ourselves, and the gift of the League with others.



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Organization Communiqué #3 - June 2018

Chantal Devine, Provincial Organization Chairperson


“Great Leaders aren’t born, they are made.”


I’m sure you’ve all heard that saying over the years, and probably did not give it much thought. Today, as our national executive is working diligently in revitalizing the League to enter the next millennium, we should all be motivated by their leadership, and strive to do our part in enriching our councils by taking on a leadership role. The second duty of the organization chairperson is leadership development.  I can’t think of a more important duty to write about at this time in the history of our organization.


In January 2018, the first participants in the Catholic Women’s Leadership Foundation program were announced.  Each year, another group of fourteen women will be trained so that they too may influence our society by taking on a leadership role in tackling today’s complicated societal issues.  Any service - oriented Catholic woman can apply to take this year long leadership course where most of the course work is completed on line.  Perhaps you, or someone in your council, could apply for this self improvement opportunity. Please google Catholic Women’s Leadership Foundation for more information.


Not all of us will be able to take part in a formal leadership formation program but we can all improve our leadership skills by reading articles on leadership. At our recent provincial convention, National First - Vice President, Fran Lucas, spoke to us about being a “Servant Leader”.  She told us that a good leader is a servant first.   A leader focuses on the growth and development of the group she is leading. She shares her goals by maintaining an enthusiastic, positive attitude and by developing good communication skills and thus, inspiring others to follow her. Besides sharing her goals, a strong leader empowers others. She recognizes their gifts and delegates assignments to them.  By clearly explaining the task she wants accomplished, she helps her followers to perform the task at hand, and while doing so, they will build skills and grow in confidence.  A leader always ends her request with a “thank you”! Fran concluded her presentation by asking,  ” If someone were to describe you, would they allocate the following qualities to you?  Are you, respectful, a good listener, enthusiastic, a problem solver, a collaborator, well organized, self aware, persuasive, resourceful and supportive?”  Most of us joined the CWL because we were inspired by someone else.  As seasoned members, let us not miss the opportunities to share our talents and the gift of the League with others.


Also, a good leader is spiritually grounded and aligns her message with the mission of the organization. She leads into the future finding new tools to enhance that mission.  She is a role model who strives to be the best and empowers her people to express their gifts. A good illustration of this approach is how Christ chose ordinary men as his disciples and inspired them to teach and follow God’s mission.   As fishermen and carpenters, these men were not born leaders, but through Christ’s leadership they became committed leaders. With the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, as faith filled and faithful members of the Catholic Women’s League, let us renew our efforts to lead others to answer God’s call.


This concludes my report.



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Organization Communiqué #2 - Feb. 2018

Chantal Devine, Provincial Organization Chairperson


“Do the work of an evangelist, fulfill your ministry.” 2 Timothy 4:5


Greetings from Saskatoon! My husband and I are finally settled into our condo and beginning a new phase of our life. We are members of Holy Spirit Church which is only a five-minute walk from our place. I look forward to becoming involved with my parish and with my sisters in the League in Saskatoon.

In late January, I received a communique from National Chairperson of Organization, Anne-Marie Gorman, regarding annual reports and membership. She informed us that national office will not be finished collating the online annual parish reports for 2017 until the end of February. Therefore, diocesan and provincial chairpersons’ completion of their written reports this year will be delayed.


Please take note that annual reports will be due as follows:


Diocesan Chairpersons      to Diocesan President

                                              & Provincial Chairpersons           March 15, 2018


Diocesan Presidents           to Provincial President                March 31, 2018


Provincial Chairpersons     to Provincial President

                                              & National Chairpersons             March 31, 2018


Provincial Presidents          to National President

                                              & National Office                         April 15, 2018


National Chairpersons        to National President

                                              & National Office                         April 15, 2018


National President               to National Office                       April 30, 2018


Ann-Marie reminded us that all membership fees are due to parish councils on January 1st of each year and that national office will continue to accept all memberships done manually. Plans are underway at national that online membership processing in rotation will be happening soon.


We are all blessed to be a part of such a spiritually driven organization! With the help of the Holy Spirit, let us inspire others to join the League, thus fulfilling our ministry and answering God’s call.




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Organization Communiqué #1 - June 2017

Chantal Devine, Provincial Organization Chairperson


Our new CWL Theme featured prominently at our recent Provincial Convention, June 5th and 6th, where my two year term as Spiritual Development Chairperson came to an end.  I joined the executive of the Provincial CWL Council in June 2013 while I was still serving a two year term as Past President for the Regina Diocese. During my first term I served as Communications Chair, which was followed by Spiritual Development and now Organization. Each new convenorship fills me with excitement and a certain amount of trepidation!  However, I welcome change and look to the future with hope and confidence, believing that as I tackle the challenges along the way, I will be inspired by the Spirit, and I will answer God’s call.


The five duties of the organization chairperson, as listed in the CWL Executive Handbook, are:

  • recruit members and maintain membership
  • leadership development
  • League resource material
  • annual reports
  • life membership


Our National President, Margaret Ann Jacobs says that “the greatest gift we can give any woman, is a membership in the Catholic Women’s League of Canada.” I strongly support her stand and will dedicate the next two years in recruiting new members. In 2016, I entered the names of 183 of our Saskatchewan CWL Sisters into the Book of Life and asked the question… “How many new members have we invited into the League to make up for that great loss?” As organization chair I plan to focus on maintaining membership by working with you in welcoming new members into the League.


In the spring 2017 issue of The Canadian League magazine on pages 8 & 9, you will find a very informative article on recruiting. The bottom line is, “Talk to each woman individually.” Please take the time to read this article and begin to implement the methods outlined to help you bring new members into your parish councils.


The second duty of the organization chair is leadership development. Each time you take on a new responsibility whether it’s accepting an executive position or simply heading up a committee, you are demonstrating leadership qualities. We need to encourage members to step out of their comfort zone and to take on leadership roles. Organizing a leadership workshop in your diocese would be a great way to provide members with the necessary skills to become leaders in their councils and communities.


National Council, realizing that more Catholic women with leadership skills are needed to help maintain the Catholicity in our Catholic institutions and to make a difference elsewhere in our society, recently established the Catholic Women’s Leadership Foundation. On pages 10 & 11, in the spring 2017 issue of The Canadian League magazine, there is an overview of the Foundation. Even though the Sisters of Charity and the Catholic Women’s League each made a generous donation to the Foundation, more funds are needed. I encourage you as individual members and as parish councils to make a donation to this worthwhile project. As members of the Catholic Women’s League of Canada, let us be open to the Spirit that we may be inspired to work together and respond to God’s call.



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