Catholic Women's League of Saskatchewan


Left to right, back row: Marian Zsombor, Marge Appell, Adele Giblin, Marion Laroque, Chantal Devine
Middle row: Connie Crichton, Helene Marceau, Susan Melchiorre, Lorraine Thibeault, Fr. Peter Nnanga
Front row:  Jean Reader, Margaret Schwab, Marge Szabo  


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Spiritual Advisor Rev Fr. Peter Justine Nnanga, Msp
Past President / Archives Jean Reader
President Margaret Schwab
President-Elect / Organization Chantal Devine
1st Vice President / Spiritual Development Connie Crichton
2nd Vice President / Resolutions and Legislation Susan Melchiorre
Recording and Corresponding Secretary Marion Laroque
Treasurer Helene Marceau
Christian Family Life Marge Appell
Communications Adele Giblin
Education & Health Marian Zsombor
Community Life Lorraine Thibeault
Life Member Liaison Marge Szabo
Prince Albert Diocesan President Shirley Lamoureux
Regina Archdiocesan President Marilyn Schuck
Saskatoon Diocesan President Ingrid Eggerman