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Communications Communiqué #9 

Marge Appell, Provincial Communications chairperson

May 2022


I am writing this communique on the last weekend of May and, appropriately, tomorrow May 29th is World Communication Day.  I hope at least some members and councils found a way to mark the occasion and celebrate all the ways we stayed connected during this challenging time in history. 


Pope Francis chose the theme Listen for this 56th Communications Day.  What an appropriate directive for all Canadians at this time in history.  We are trying to heal wounds thrust upon us by a global pandemic.  We are appalled by the devastation Residential Schools caused in our country and the unspeakable actions our Aboriginal families endured.   We are watching and learning daily of the atrocities of the war in Ukraine.   These things impact each one of us.  As a world, a country, a League, we must listen with open hearts to the stories people lived and continue to live.  We must become part of a healing journey, seizing any opportunity to learn and respond in appropriate ways.  We must listen, as Pope Francis says, because listening recognizes we are all partners in God’s creation.  As Betty Colaneri stated in her latest National Communications Communique: “Pope Francis has invited the whole church to listen in order to learn to be a synodal church.  His invitation is to rediscover listening as an essential condition for good communication.”


Now a reminder that we are just days away from the SK Provincial CWL in-person Convention in Swift Current, June 5th and 6th and what excitement that has generated!  We have not been able to gather for more than two years and while caution is still the word of the day, those able to attend will no doubt be overjoyed to reconnect, share ideas, and celebrate our faith with one another.  Please pray for the success of the gathering.


This year is an election year for our Provincial Council.   The current executive members actually competed their 2-year term last June, but because of the pandemic, were asked to continue for an additional year.  We are grateful and pray for these members who generously agreed to extend their term.  Pray also for those members who have allowed their names to stand for election to the incoming executive.  Their generosity of service is welcome and appreciated.


August 13th - 17th, 2022, are the dates of the National CWL Convention held in Kelowna this year.  Check the National website for daily updates and again, pray for the success of this gathering, as well.  The start of our “next 100 years” has been challenging for sure, but because our members are dedicated to the League, we will find new ways to survive and thrive.


In closing, please continue to stay connected in any and every way possible.  There is still much work to do as we celebrate our current theme, “Catholic and Living It’, and remember that the most important task in pastoral activity is the “apostolate of the ear” (quoted from Betty’s Communications Communique #6).  Take care and God bless.


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Communications Communiqué #8


Marge Appell, Provincial Communications

August 2021


Hello, everyone.  Annual Meetings of Members (AMMs) were held this spring and summer, and I have a lot of news to share with you.  I can’t possible cover everything but will share some highlights from the Provincial and National meetings.  


The SK Provincial AMM (annual meeting of members) was held on Monday, June 7, 2021, with 79 members in attendance, some in person, most virtually.  Our provincial spiritual advisor, Father Peter Nnanga, along with president Chantal Devine, president elect Connie Crichton, secretary Marion Laroque, treasurer Helen Marceau, past president, Life member and Education/Health chairperson Margaret Schwab, Life member and Spiritual Development chairperson Tillie Aessie, and Life member and parliamentarian Mary Nordick met at Queen’s House in Saskatoon following COVID-19 protocols in place at that time.  All other attendees were present virtually, including two Honorary Life Members and four Life Members not already mentioned.   


Archbishop Don Bolen joined us virtually and spoke of the complexity of our world today, how difficult the pandemic has made everyday life for so many people, and the waves of suffering that are everywhere.  He reminded us that we have the strength and resources to attend to others and encouraged us to hold fast to our faith.  He said the CWL brings compassion, wisdom, and stability to a broken world and, using the words of our Holy Father Pope Francis, invited us to a deep openness towards our Indigenous brothers and sisters, to be attentive and listen carefully, and to walk with them in grace and in truth towards reconciliation.  


Oral reports were given by all executive members and all three Diocesan presidents.   A wide variety of topics were addressed, and a common theme was the difficulty of meeting or continuing volunteer efforts while dealing with restrictions caused by the pandemic.   Members were encouraged to stay connected during this difficult time, to use our time of isolation by using any means of communication especially learning/practicing technological skills to stay informed and engaged in activities accomplished from our homes.  We were encouraged to become more familiar with our National and Provincial websites, invited to watch webinars of interest, write letters to government officials about issues/concerns important to CWL as well as pray for members, families, health care workers, front line workers, and all who have been affected by COVID-19.


Several reports referenced the Residential School tragedies that have recently come to light and a noteworthy action was approved by the meeting attendees: a recommendation put forward by Father Francis Hengen, a past SK Provincial spiritual advisor and currently pastor of a cluster of parishes including St. Joseph, Indian Head:  “In response to the 215 remains of children found at the former Kamloops Indian Residential School located on Tk’emlups te Secwepemic First Nation, that a letter be sent by our SK president to the National executive to support the call on the federal government to take immediate action on articles 71 to 76 of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada Calls to Action.” 


Also included among the day’s proceedings was the presentation of a Maple Leaf pin to Connie Crichton for her dedication to CWL and her commitment to keeping councils/members connected during the pandemic.  Pictures of the presentation and a more detailed account of Connie’s involvement can be found on the SK CWL website – .    


Because of the pandemic there was no convention last year therefore financial reports were reviewed for the years 2019 and 2020, and a statement of transactions from January to May 2021 presented.

The day concluded with Mass and re-affirmation of the Provincial Executive, whose term, because of the pandemic, had previously been extended to June 2022.   The next provincial annual meeting of members is planned for June 5th and 6th, 2022 in Swift Current.   We certainly hope and pray that we will be able to meet face to face at that time.  


The National AMMs (2020 and 2021) were held via virtual platform on Monday and Tuesday, August 9th and 10th.   Anyone who registered for any of the sessions (there were 4) before the end of July was sent an information package with a liturgies/prayer booklet, the meeting agendas, a print copy of the National executive oral reports, and financial statements.  Listening and reading through this material was enlightening and encouraging.  As National president Anne Marie Gorman commented when thanking executive members for their work, “We did not allow adversity to keep us down or disable us for long…we are here for a purpose, and we are not going away.”  She added that her original two-year term was “a pleasure”, that having it extended for a third year was “a blessing”, and she reminded us that “God is good all the time.” 


Over 500 members from across Canada came together to attend the National AMMs from the comfort of our own homes.  What an amazing experience!   Our National officers, as well as the National office staff, prepared well for these days, even offering webinar training sessions days beforehand so members could familiarize themselves with the platform used and learn the intricacies of the tool bar.  Voter training sessions were also offered beforehand for voting and accredited delegates.  Very few glitches interfered with the proceedings and that was a definite bonus.   


Before this year, I’ve had the privilege of attending six National conventions and have always been awestruck at the scope of the work CWL members are involved in across Canada.  This year was no different.  Even though we endured/are enduring a global pandemic, much has been accomplished and as one chairperson remarked, “One can’t look back on a gathering like this without being inspired.”


Now for some highlights from the reports of the National 2021 AMM:


You will recall numerous times throughout the past months of 2021, members/councils were encouraged to submit articles/stories to The Catholic Register because that publication was preparing a tribute to the League in honor of our 100th year anniversary reached in June 2020.   Unfortunately, many plans made by councils/members for celebrating this milestone in 2020 were cancelled because of the pandemic, but The Catholic Register was able to continue with their intent to recognize the League and its accomplishments.  The size/extent of the article/insert could only be determined once articles were received, but we now know that in September 2021, The Catholic Register is publishing a 26-page magazine about the League!   Anyone who subscribes to this Catholic newspaper will receive a complimentary copy in the mail.  For those who don’t subscribe, the magazine can be purchased at a cost of $5.00 plus shipping and handling.  As Provincial Communications chairperson, I submitted some information about members/councils in SK and I can’t wait to see what has been included!      


Another highlight was reported by the chair of the Centenary Project Committee.  In 2020, councils across Canada were encouraged to plant a tree in keeping with our theme “Care for Our Common Home”.  A goal of 100 trees was set but that goal was far exceeded - 327 trees were planted - what great work by CWL Councils who participated!  It was a unique way to celebrate our 100th anniversary, offering an opportunity to gather our members outdoors, remain distanced, and still achieve a worthwhile goal. 


The Committee Chair also introduced a Gratitude Project which begins immediately and will conclude July 31, 2022.  Councils/members are encouraged to find ways to let essential workers know how grateful we are for their services during the COVID- 19 crisis.  It will be interesting to see/hear about the creative ways this will be accomplished!


National Voluntary Fund initiatives were reported by several chairpersons: 

  • The Coady Institute, since it’s inception in 1969, has received $800,000.00 in donations  from our membership, and we continue to support this worthwhile endeavour.   
  • The Euthanasia Prevention Coalition of Canada is an organization that is on our National Temporary Voluntary Fund list and that commitment has been extended to the end of 2022.    Life issues are so important, and we must continue supporting life from conception to natural death.
  • The 1% Program in support of Development and Peace was reinstated in September 2020.  From that time to June 2021, $11,985.47 was donated to D & P through that program.  Members are encouraged to continue this support.  Pandemic aside, this is something we can do as individuals.
  • A motion was made to support the establishment of a parish based Palliative Care Resource Kit that is being developed by the Bishops of Canada (CCCB).  This initiative will remain on our Temporary Voluntary Fund list until August 31, 2023.      
  • Significant time was spent on reports from the Strategic Plan Implementation Committee.  Members were updated on the status of the Plan and encouraged by the significant work that has been done to date.  Check the National website to stay informed:


Lastly, a new National Executive was chosen, and a new theme unveiled for 2022-2023.  

Our newly elected National officers are:

President:                     Fran Lucas

President Elect:            Shari Guinta

1st Vice President:        Betty Colaneri

2nd Vice President;       Cathy Bouchard

Secretary/treasurer:      Marie Rackley

Chairpersons:               Faith Anderson

                                                Glenda Carson

                                                Rolande Chernichan

                                                Dorothy Johansen

                                                Margaret Schwab


As is customary, the new president chooses the theme for her term of office.  It is “Catholic and Living It”.  We will be hearing more about this theme in the coming months.  It takes effect in January 2022.


August 9th and 10th were full days packed with information.  I’ve given you a small capsule of the proceedings and encourage you to log onto the National website to read more about what is happening in the League.  Fran Lucas, incoming president, shared a quote attributed to St. Vincent, “Let there be few words and many deeds and let them be done well.”  It seemed to me, as I listened to the reports given, that those words could have been written about our members.  Despite the pandemic, much is still done by CWL members to make our world a better place.


May Our Lady of Good Counsel guide us in all we do “for God and Canada”.  God bless.       



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Communications Communiqué #7


Marge Appell, Provincial Communications

July 2021



Finally, after enduring numerous lockdowns and restrictions for more than fifteen months, SK has moved into a new phase, and we are learning to live with the realities of the global pandemic in our midst.  I am sure you’ve heard the remarks of various health officers quoted in the media as they referred to things we have learned during this time - that certain measures undertaken throughout the pandemic continue to be useful practices and when followed, add significantly to our safety and the safety of others.  Besides being vaccinated, frequently washing our hands, distancing when necessary, and wearing masks in certain situations, are reasonable and preventative measures that will help stop the spread of COVID as we enjoy more freedom beyond our homes and personal bubbles.


Turning to the work ahead, here are a few dates/events to keep in mind as councils navigate the coming months and begin the journey back to regular meetings and volunteer efforts:


Sunday, June 25th, 2021, is the first World Day of Grandparents and the Elderly.  

Pope Francis announced this new celebration to honor those persons who are so important to our communities and our Church.  It will be celebrated every year on the fourth Sunday in July, close to the feast of Sts. Joachim and Anne, the grandparents of Jesus.  The theme is “I am with you every day” Mt.28:20 and expresses the closeness of the Lord and the Church to the life of each elderly person.  Pope Francis said, “the Holy Spirit, even today, stirs up thoughts and words of wisdom in the elderly” and he went on to say, “the voice of the elderly is precious because it sings the praises of God and preserves the roots of the peoples.”  The full text of the Pope’s message can be found on the Vatican website.


Pope Francis also granted a plenary indulgence to grandparents, the elderly, and all those who participate in a solemn celebration on July 25th as well as those who spend time (actually or virtually) with an elderly brother or sister on this day.  During this pandemic time when we have had to distance from our loved ones, perhaps celebrating this day is one way we can return to ministering to the those in our midst who have been most vulnerable for so long.


August 9th and 10th, 2021, are the dates of the National Annual Meeting of Members (AMM) Members are encouraged to register on the National CWL website for the four sessions.  Access the National website at, locate the column “Quick Links” on the left-hand side of the page and click on “Register”, then follow the prompts.  A confirmation email will be sent to you once you have signed up for any of the sessions.  This is a chance for us to hear reports from all National officers, learn more about the Strategic Plan, and gear up for the next 100 years!  Care for Our Common Home has been our theme for three years, but it will end at the 2021 AMM when a new National president and executive are installed, and a new theme unveiled.


In addition, remember that we continue to celebrate the year of St. Joseph until December 8, 2021.  He is the patron saint of the universal church and one of the patron saints of Canada.  Quoted from the Vatican website, St. Joseph was “a beloved, tender, and obedient father who welcomed the will of God” and “a courageous father who had to deal with concrete problems that his family faced, problems faced by other families in the world, especially those of immigrants.”  St. Joseph valued the dignity and joy of work and centered his life on his family.  Pope Francis encourages all of us to pray daily to St. Joseph asking him “to guide us on our own path in life, obtain for us grace, mercy, and courage, and defend us from every evil.”

(Apostolic Letter, Patris Corde


Lastly, if you have not already done so, please submit stories/pictures of the tree/shrub planting that your council may have undertaken to commemorate the League’s 100th anniversary.  The milestone was reached last June 2020 but was unable to be fully celebrated due to the pandemic, therefore the project deadline was extended to July 2021 and your stories/pictures are still welcome.  Submit them to  for posting on the SK website. 


Take care and God bless each of us as we slowly reconnect within our councils and communities.  May Our Lady of Good Counsel guide us in all that we do.  



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Communications Communiqué #6


Marge Appell, Provincial Communications

May 2021


Greetings, everyone.   We’ve already endured over a year of the pandemic with more to come, so I pray you are staying safe, healthy, and doing what you must to continue that way.  Thankfully, Spring has arrived, which always gives us renewed hope, and the arrival of vaccines is also a blessing. 


Even though many councils haven’t been able to meet in person, there is still much we can do from the comforts of our homes.  Prayer is one way we can put time to good use.   Here are a few reminders of things that are in progress and a few you can plan for in the days ahead.


This year we are celebrating the year of St. Joseph.  It began on December 8, 2020, and continues to December 8, 2021.  St. Joseph is the patron saint of the universal church and in his Apostolic letter, Patris Corde, Pope Francis encouraged recitation of the following prayer:


Hail, Guardian of the Redeemer,

spouse of the Blessed Virgin Mary,

To you God entrusted His only Son;

in you Mary placed her trust;

with you Christ became man.


Blessed Joseph, to us too,

show yourself a father

and guide us in the path of life.


Obtain for us grace, mercy, and courage,

and defend us from every evil.



World Communication Day is May 16, 2021.  Since the date is quickly approaching and we aren’t able to celebrate in large groups, perhaps we can contact one or two members whom we haven’t spoken to/visited with in a while.  It is often the little things that matter most to those who are isolated.  Though much of our contact throughout the pandemic has been through email and virtual platforms, we can still use our landlines and cell phones, write letters, and send cards to stay connected, especially with those members who don’t have or use computers.   Reach out to those who are isolated and keep them informed.  Pray with them and let them know you care.  Also write letters, many letters, to government leaders and elected representatives to voice your concerns over the issues that plague our society – euthanasia, assisted suicide, human trafficking, child pornography, to name a few.  


In the Archdiocese of Regina, the Reverence for Life month has been moved from October to May.  In the words of Archbishop Don Bolen, “It is appropriate that we celebrate life in a special way in this month where life is bursting forth from the earth.  We see it in the crops planted and sprouting, the leaves burgeoning forth from the trees, the spring flowers budding and opening in their simple splendor.  It is also the month of Mary, patroness of our Archdiocese and of our Cathedral, Holy Rosary.”  One prayer you can offer for Reverence for Life is included  at the end of this communique. 


Care for Our Common Home has been our theme for several years and in 2020, to commemorate the League’s 100th anniversary, every diocesan council was asked to plant a tree in a place of honour to help the environment and to be enjoyed by communities where the trees were planted.   (pg. 2 The Canadian League, Winter 2020)   Many individual councils across our country also got involved.  Since the pandemic necessitated the cancelling of all conventions in 2020, executives of all councils were asked to continue for another year, and the National executive extended the deadline for this project to July 1, 2021.  If you haven’t yet participated, there is still time.  When it is safe and restrictions allow, plant that tree and when you do, take pictures of the planting and submit them to our National Office as well as the SK Provincial website    


This is a reminder that The Catholic Register needs our assistance.  Information was sent to Dioceses several weeks ago so you have already heard that the newspaper is compiling an article to promote the League and recognize our 100th anniversary.  The article will be published later this year and we were asked to submit articles as well as names of members who could potentially be interviewed.  I know there are many people in our councils who have CWL stories to tell.  Again, please send articles/suggestions to and I will forward them to our National Communications chairperson, who encourages us to “share stores of this great sisterhood, why members joined, and why they continue to belong!”        


The SK Provincial Annual Meeting of Members (AMM) will be held on June 7, 2021.  This takes the place of the annual convention which cannot be held due to restrictions and guidelines regulating indoor gatherings.  Letters/emails of invitation have been sent out to parish council presidents and all members are invited to attend.  Information can be found on this SK Provincial website (     


In closing, here the prayer I spoke of earlier.


Reverence for Life Prayer


O Mary, to you do we entrust the cause of life.

Look down, O Mother,

upon the vast number of babies not allowed to be born,

on the poor whose lives are made difficult,

on those who are victims of brutal violence

on the elderly and sick killed by indifference or misguided mercy.

We ask for the grace to accept the Gospel of life as a gift ever new,

and the courage to bear witness to it.

To the praise and glory of God,

The creator and lover of life.


 (from the Regina Archdiocesan website)



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Communications Communiqué #5


Marge Appell, Provincial Communications

July 2020


As I sit at my computer today it is July 1, and a very different Canada Day than many others I have witnessed and celebrated!  Even though four months have gone by and our province is slowly “opening up” for business, we continue to be vigilante: we isolate as we can, we practice physical distancing, we stay within our chosen bubble as much as possible.  We have a long road ahead and a resurgence of COVID-19 could very well happen in the months to come.  Please do what you must to stay safe!


Even though we are living through trying times, let’s remind ourselves of some of the “good news” that has surfaced during this pandemic. Like many of you, I have missed seeing my children, grandchildren, friends, and parish community in person. But how fortunate we are to be able to talk, text, email, Face Time, Skype, and ZOOM into their living rooms to “see” them and chat. How blessed we are that technology allows us to stay informed and connected and that we have doctors, nurses, and other front-line workers willing to continue serving the public, even though that means they are putting themselves at risk and perhaps their families, too!  We have experienced unprecedented changes in our lives, but we have also seen how people have risen to the challenges! God bless all who are doing what they can to look after God’s people.


This portfolio deals with communication and the pandemic has certainly underscored the importance of staying in touch through the use of technology. Phones/cell phones, computers, the Internet, television/radio, print/digital media are the major ways we are connecting now. That said, not everyone has or is proficient at using technological devices, so please stay in touch with all the members of your councils, especially those who may not have computers and internet capability. We are a sisterhood; reach out often to anyone you know who might be isolated in any way.  Keep them informed; pray with them; offer whatever assistance you can or help them find the supports they need.


Now, what about other CWL business? We can’t meet in convention, but have you signed up for the Summer Speaker Series ( being offered by our National Executive?  Why not take a few hours to be inspired, energized, and motivated to continue the good work of the League across Canada? From Monday to Friday, August 10 - 14, one speaker per day will share their thoughts and expertise on current topics of interest. The presentations range from one to two hours in length and all you need to do is log onto the CWL website, scroll down to find the Summer Speaker series, and register. The presentations are free, but separate registration is required for each session you would like to view. Even though the information is on the National website, here is a list of the speakers and their topics.  Hopefully this will entice you to register for some, if not all, of the sessions!


Mon. Aug. 10   Dr. Cory Andrew Labrecque, associate professor of Bioethics and

                         Theological Studies, University of Laval:  “Speak to the Earth and It Shall Teach

                        You: on the Christian Vocation to Tend, Guard, Heal”  


Tues, Aug. 11   Dr. Donna Orsuto, co-founder and director of the Lay Centre, Foyer Unitas,

                         Rome: “Women Together Caring for our Common Home”


Wed. Aug. 12   Dr. Nuala Kenny, a pioneer of Canadian Bioethics (and so much more); O.C., M.D., F.R.C.P.(C)

                         “Women & Healing Our Wounded Church”


Thurs. Aug. 13  Fran Lucas, National CWL president-elect and chairperson of Organization:

                          “The League of the Future, Part III”


Fri. Aug. 14      Anne Marie Gorman, National CWL president and chairperson of International Relations:

                        “The League in 2020”


Remember, you must register for EACH session you want to see/hear.  Let’s go, League members from SK; register now and don’t be disappointed!  (


On to more CWL business: in her June message, our SK president Chantal Devine, informed us about the extension of terms of office made necessary by COVID-19.  Since all conventions were cancelled for 2020, current executives at the National, Provincial, and Diocesan levels across Canada have had a third year added to their terms of office.  Our present SK Provincial Council executive was elected in June 2019, and our two-year term would have ended in June 2021, but because of the current situation across our country, the term has been extended to June 2022.  For executives whose term was to have been completed this year, their terms of office continue to 2021.  Read Chantal’s message on our SK CWL website:


I pray that every one of you has a healthy and safe summer.  Though we have had to step back from our usual ways of gathering and doing business, we all know that our work, really, is never done.  A few weeks ago, when Pope Francis addressed teenagers, parents, and teachers who met on-line to celebrate World Environment Day (June 5), he spoke about “crisis” and explained that the original meaning of the word is “opportunity”.  In the months ahead we have the opportunity to remember who we are - Christians - and what Jesus calls His followers to do.   Loneliness, depression, hunger, and homelessness do not take the summer off.  Let us continue to respond to the needs we see around us as we “Care for Our Common Home” and the people who share it with us.  God bless.



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Communications Communiqué #4


Marge Appell, Provincial Communications

April 2020


Hello to all of you, and blessings during this very difficult time in world history.  When news of the coronavirus in China hit the airwaves, I remember thinking that was a world away, yet just days later it was no longer “their problem” it belonged to all of us.  I pray that you are following the directives of our health authorities and government representatives and that you do what you must to stay safe.  This is not an easy time for anyone, but even with all that is happening around us, there is much cause for hope. 


Perhaps, as we practice social distancing and self-isolation, we can carve out some time for catching up on what’s happening in our League and touching base with wonderful members near and far.  We have always been strong together and together we can continue to make a great difference!


I encourage you to stay in touch by phone and email, and to avail yourselves of the many resources available to you through numerous avenues.  Each of our dioceses have been televising masses, and sending out prayers/links to assist us on our Lenten journeys.  Read the communiques posted by other Standing Committee chairs who have been keeping you informed regarding what’s available.  I’ve compiled my own short list in the hope it will help you access information and programming to keep you involved and hopeful.  This time will pass; in the meantime we endure.


Note, the following list is a place to start if you haven’t already availed yourself of the resources that are available:


First, googling any of the dioceses in SK will put you in touch with live-steamed masses, the latest news in each diocese, updates on COVID-19, and many informational stories and resources; no doubt many of you have already been accessing these resources throughout Lent.   As a quick reference, here again are the websites – use them to help you and your families through an especially meaningful Holy Week, Easter, and Easter season.  


If you browse on any of the above sites you will find a wealth of information.  Several dioceses have weekly news reports for which you can sign up and then will arrive in your mailbox regularly.  You will find links to such sites as the Vatican, Salt & Light, CCCB, Catholic Missions in Canada, a whole host of videos, and more – you are just a click away and you don’t have to go looking on your own.  It’s such a bonus to be able to find what you need or want without doing extensive searches. 


Also note that The Catholic Register (just google that name) is offering FREE digital editions of their Catholic newspaper during this pandemic.  If you used to subscribe to the Prairie Messenger and miss it, this weekly paper will help fill that void.  Try it; you have nothing to lose!


Lastly, part of my duties as your Provincial Communications chairperson, is to receive, read, and submit to our webmaster the communiques from all the other Provincial and Diocesan Standing Committee chairpersons, and I encourage you to read those as well.  Again, a wealth of information at your fingertips!  For example, did you know there is a St. Corona?  Lorraine Thibeault, Prince Albert Spiritual Development chairperson unearthed that nugget of information (and more) – read her communique #7 to get “the rest of the story”. 


There is so much good information out there just waiting to be accessed, and our chairpersons (Provincial and Diocesan) work hard to get the latest and most relevant information out to you – please take the time to read their offerings! 


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Communications Communiqué #3


Marge Appell, Provincial Communications

December 2019


In less than two weeks we will be celebrating the birth of a baby, Jesus, sent to change the world!  May everything we do and say this Christmas season reflect the peace and joy that He came to bring each one of us, and may our homes and hearts be filled with renewal and hope for a future where all are valued, respected, and included. 


Because this is still my first year as chairperson of the SK Provincial Communications portfolio, let me assure you that I totally understand how overwhelming a “new” position can be as we “learn the ropes”!   I often think of something Theodore Roosevelt once said:  “Do what you can, with what you have, where you are,” and somehow that gives me the courage to keep moving forward.  I encourage all of you to do the same. Besides that, there are usually people in the background willing to help when we need it.  So take heart; ours is sometimes a daunting task, but we can and will prevail!


To date I’ve spent a great deal of time learning the “dos” and “don’ts”, especially as they pertain to our website, and I’ve been guided by a very capable, accommodating, and patient webmaster, for whom I am very grateful.  But our electronic responsibilities are just a portion of the tasks that fall under the umbrella of the Communications portfolio so in this communiqué, I will focus on a number of different topics.


I’ve reviewed all the communiqués that Doreen Gowans, our National Chairperson of Communications has sent out – 8 in total since her installation in August, 2018.  I’m a big fan of “ready references” so I thought it might be useful to have a one-place overview of varied  topics Doreen addressed in her communiqués, to date.  Here, in alphabetical order, is a listing for your use:


Dates to Remember:


Feast of Our Lady of Good Counsel -  April 26th each year.


International Women’s Day - a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural, and

             political achievements of women.  It also is a call to action for accelerating gender

             parity.  It will be celebrated on Sunday, March 8, 2020.


World Communications Day.  Pope Francis will celebrate this day on January 28, 2020, the feast

            day of St. Francis de Sales, patron of writers and journalists.  The theme chosen by our

            Holy Father for this 54th Day of Communications is “So that you can tell your son and

            grandson. (Ex. 10,2)  Life creates history.” 


Faith oriented programs:   We are encouraged us to research, share, and promote faith-oriented programs within our areas.  To assist with this, if you are able to access Salt and Light television programming, visit   for pertinent programming, air dates, and times.


The League Magazine:  Our National Communications chairperson would like some information.  Please provide feedback to the following questions so I can let her know what members in SK think.

  1. Do you appreciate reviewing annual reports in our magazine, or do you find they are repetitive?
  2. How many members use the magazine as a resource in their councils for information, information sharing, or regarding the resolutions adopted at the convention? 
  3. Are there ways to make the magazine more valuable?  What would you like to see in the magazine?  Suggestions are welcome.


A new Mission Statement was recently approved:  “The Catholic Women’s League of Canada calls its members to grow in faith and to witness to the love of God through ministry and service.”  


1-888 phone number at National Office has been discontinued.  If you have questions/concerns, use the communications chain of command.  Parish councils refer to their Diocesan counterparts, then Diocesan to Provincial, and Provincial to National.


Plagiarism:   This is a serious issue.  In today’s world of technology, it is easy to search for information, find a quote, and use it, but members MUST ALWAYS identify the author.  This topic will be further addressed in a subsequent communiqué; more information is given in National Communications communiqué #4, March 12, 2019. 



The Pornography Hurts postcard is available for download.  Printing instructions are on the National Website at under “resources: 100 Series: Crest, Stationery and Other Council Supplies, Item #178.   


Another pornography card, pertaining to the mandatory age verification for adult pornographic websites is also on the national website, item #179.  Please use both and let our government representatives know our stand on these issues.


Include a question on the postcard to which the recipient can reply.  Our National Communications chairperson is interested in knowing how many replies are received by members in SK so please let me (Marge) know if/when you do receive a reply and I can send along this information. 


COMMIT TO KIDS is a website helping organizations prevent child sexual abuse.  It is sponsored by the Canadian Centre for Child Protection.  Visit for more information.



The following are a few resolutions that fall under the umbrella of Communications.  We are encouraged to act on them and others posted on the national website.


2017.02    Mandatory Age Verification Mechanisms for Adult Pornographic Websites

                   Action:  Write letters to the Prime Minister, the federal Minister of Justice, and to

                  MLAs requesting legislation be created to ensure that adult websites verify the age of

                  their users.


2004.11    Link Between Violent, Graphic Imagery and Aggressive Behaviour and the

                  Mechanics of Killing

                   Action:  Encourage provincial councils to urge provincial/territorial governments to

                  establish procedures to prohibit the sale and/or rental and/or distribution to minors

                  of videos, movies, and games that contain graphic imagery which promotes violence                

                  and even killing as an acceptable behavior.


2002.11    Responsible Internet Use for Children

                   Actions:  1)  Encourage the Federal Government to continue supporting research and

                  development of tools to protect children against offensive content on the Internet. 

                  2) Encourage members to educate themselves and their families on safe, wise, and

                  responsible internet use.


Roman Catholic Communicators of Canada (Association):

Grandin Media is a Catholic news website from Edmonton, Alberta.  You will find a wealth of information from a Catholic perspective.  Visit 


Strategic Planning:  Updates on what is happening in this area are posted at the beginning of each month to    Stay informed re: how the plan is evolving.


Website Postings:    We are reminded that council websites (provincial, diocesan, and parish) should only be posting material that originates from that council.  Links should be provided to items that originate or are owned by other councils/levels.  More detailed information will be included in a subsequent communiqué as it is important that we follow the communication policy set out in our National Manual of Policy and Procedure.


Continue to check out the SK provincial website at   Send submissions to    Note that each SK diocese has its own page. 


In closing, have a wonderful Christmas and Christmas season, and may 2020 bring you and your families many blessings.  Take care.



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Communications Communiqué #2


Marge Appell, Provincial Communications

October 2019


Hello, fellow Communications chairpersons.  I hope all of you had an enjoyable Thanksgiving weekend and have some interesting plans for the rest of the Fall season.  This is a beautiful time of year – resplendent in colour and rich in harvest – perhaps not as bountiful as we would have liked, but still with many blessings.


In June, I reviewed the many responsibilities of the Communications chair; don’t become overwhelmed by them.  Focus on one or two at a time, and they become manageable.


This communiqué focuses on “promoting the League” and using “media” for this purpose, particularly our SK CWL website.  Across Canada our numbers are declining and it is difficult to attract new members.  Are we using the resources at hand to share our good news stories and thereby spread the word regarding the work we do?


Please check out and use the SK provincial website  to have pictures, events, as well as communiqués posted.  Send your submissions to        

There are lots of interesting submissions already on the site for you to see/read.  Some might give you ideas and spur you to action!  Also, note that each SK diocese has its own page. 


My predecessor wrote very informative communiqués, giving detailed guidelines on what can be submitted to the website and how to do so.  These communiqués are still posted and can be reviewed at any time.  I have created a ready-reference, highlighting crucial information.  Hopefully this will be helpful.


CWL Submissions to the SK Provincial Website – Guidelines/Ready Reference


  • Identify your CWL council, location, and diocese.
  • Identify the CWL event including date it was held.
  • Send print in MSWord (preferred), Text, or Rich Text Format. 
  • Send pictures separately as an attachment in jpg format with full resolution (original/actual size), not  embedded in MSWord or your email.
  • Identify persons in the pictures (except for crowd shots), left to right, front to back.
  • With regard to obtaining permission from people in the pictures, according to our National office:  Any photograph taken at a public event does not require permission. Should a council wish to announce, prior to the actual taking of the pictures, that photographs are being taken and that they may be published, this would allow anyone not wanting to be photographed the opportunity to extract themselves.
  • Submit communiqués without personal information (no email/address/phone number).
  • Use of any published work or portion thereof must have the source clearly cited or copyright permission obtained.
  • Submissions may be edited before posting.



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Communications Communiqué #1


Marge Appell, Provincial Communications

June 2019



Greetings!  I was recently appointed chairperson of Communications for the term June 2019 – June 2021, and I look forward to working with you.  As Doreen Gowans, our National Communications Chairperson, stated in her initial communique, “…communications is a two-way street…” therefore I welcome input from any/all of you as we learn and work together.


Briefly, the communications portfolio includes:

a) the Canadian League magazine,

b) media

i)   for evangelization,

ii)  to promote the League,

iii) evaluation and promotion of good content,

iv) newspapers and bulletins,

c) media relations, and

d) pornography.


The Communications section of the Executive Handbook gives a detailed explanation of each of these topics as well as actions that can be taken by a Communications chairperson to further the work of this portfolio.   As I was going through this section of the Handbook, I learned or was reminded of some interesting details.   Certainly these (and many more I didn’t list) are facts to keep in mind for use at some time during our terms of office.            

Past Communications Resolutions are posted on the National website

Reacquaint yourselves with these and resolve to carry out the action plans.

A Personal Letter Writing Guide is available to help members formulate responses to our government

representatives on issues that concern us.   Order copies today! 

Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops (CCCB) Publications Service is a great resource. Contact

information is included in the Handbook, page 64.  You’ll be surprised at the wealth of information you will find.

World Communications Day is the first Sunday in June – Start making plans for 2020!


Hopefully, some of the above will give us food for thought and plenty to occupy our time as  chairpersons of this standing committee!


Have a great summer!  Enjoy the National Convention if you are able to attend, and if not, follow the proceedings on the National Website.  It won’t be the same as being there in person, but you will still get caught up in the enthusiasm of those attending, be energized by the keynote speakers, and revitalize your resolve to further the work of the League!



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Previous Communiqués




Communications Communiqué #8 - Feb 2019


Adele Giblin, Provincial Communications



National Theme: Care of the Common Home


National CWL President, Anne-Marie Gorman, would like us to focus on conserving water during the first year of her term. Canadians are fortunate to have water and for the most part, lots of it. If not looked after, our grandchildren and future generations may not have such a good supply.  Discuss new ideas and reminders with your council and encourage conserving water daily. One example is to turn off the tap while brushing teeth or use a cup of water for rinsing.  Think twice before starting the washing machine and either only turn it on with a full load or use the small load option.  For the spiritual side, remember water is a gift from God which needs to be used wisely.


Anne-Marie Gorman has suggested we do something new this year to challenge yourself and council members to grow in faith and bring about the Kingdom of God on earth. 


Doreen Gowans, National Communications Chair, has been a great communicator to us.  I will share some of her advice.


Friday April 26, 2019 CWL celebrates the Feast of our Lady of Good Counsel. The League is sponsoring a mass on Vision TV. It is being offered for CWL living and deceased members and spiritual advisors.  Think about having a mass, potluck supper or social gathering to celebrate our patroness.


CWL National website,, is updated with a new format. The search button has been reinstated.  You can access information by clicking the items at the bottom of the home page.  The website is more user friendly for iPad and handhelds. As strategic planning information gets released, it can be found at–the–strategic-plan/. If you have any suggestions for the national website, Doreen Gowans would appreciate hearing from you. 


Both Provincial and National accept submissions about your council’s activities. Please review my communiques and oral reports on / Communications to guide you as you prepare your articles for both websites.  As of October 2018, Doreen Gowans’ Memo states “Permission for persons identified in the pictures are no longer required”.


Please review The Canadian League magazine Feb. 5, 2019 and send feedback to to let Doreen Gowans know your suggestions of future improvements that would benefit our members.

Encourage members to consider learning more about current issues from a Catholic perspective.  Visit


The following resolutions require action. Please write letters and talk to members of parliament and legislative assembly.  On, review resolutions:  2004.11 Link between Violent, Graphic Imagery and Aggressive Behavior and the Mechanic of Killing and 2002.11 Responsible Internet use for children.  These could great discussions going at your meetings.



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Communications Communiqué #7 - Dec 2018


Adele Giblin, Provincial Communications


I sent my provincial convention report for inclusion in The Catholic Register newspaper but I received a letter explaining how they accept articles.  I will paraphrase the reply from Mike Simpson, Managing Editor of The Catholic Register. This is how The Catholic Register works. 


“Thanks very much for the note.  Since the demise of The Prairie Messenger, we are hopeful we can fill some of the void for Saskatchewan.  I hope that as you read the Register over the coming months, you will see more western coverage reflected in the pages including several from the west (including Leah Perrault from the Messenger).  We are trying to cover the bases, though space in the paper is tight.  We are always interested in story ideas, whenever they come. As your CWL meetings, we don’t really have a set approach on what you’ve submitted. We don’t generally publish meeting notes, though we look for potential story ideas. I saw that Alex Schadenberg was talking about Fatal Flaws, a film we wrote about in our last issue. Catholic missions is another source of stories for our reporters, especially with some of their interesting projects up north. As for the CWL in general, we try to touch base with the leadership as they make their annual trip to Ottawa and we are currently tracking CWL annual national convention in Winnipeg. So, your notes are helpful to us for potential stores ideas and certainly encourage you to let us know what’s going on, which we generally assign to one of our reporters or freelancers if there is an interesting story tell. We also try to keep an eye on what’s going on in the archdioceses in Saskatchewan as much as I can. It is a challenge to be as comprehensive as the Messenger might have been in staying on top of local issues. Still, we are trying to do our best in that regard.  In that vein, we’ve also just started to expand our online calendar of events at to encourage submissions from other parts of the country. Since space has become so tight in the paper we are moving the calendar entirely out of the paper.  I hope this conveys our continued interest in receiving info for potential stories and boosting western coverage. “    


The Catholic Register 1155 Yonge Street, Suite 401 Toronto, Ontario   M4T 1W2   Phone 416 – 934 – 3410 (ext. 415)


Newspaper dated August 19 – 26 did have an article about the National Convention in Winnipeg.


Nov 25 article “CWL puts D & P funding on hold. “While strongly endorsing the mission and work of Development and Peace, the CWL is asking its parish councils to hold off on sending funds to the organization as Canada’s bishops continue to investigate D & P’s project partners.  Dioceses across Canada have withheld funds from the organization after suggestions that several partner agencies include abortion, contraception and gender theory.  


Nov 25 has article of Leah Perrault “Learning how to spend and save energy”. She mentions her new book My Heart of Flesh.  It is a physical reminder of many of the things that grief and loss have been teaching her.   It is a reminder of all the energy that is spent learning. No wonder she is tired.     


Newspaper dated Dec 2, Fr. Ron Rolheiser has article “We are Failing the welcoming Test.’.  Few sentences:  “How we treat the poor is how we are treating God.  Moreover Jesus tells is that, at the final judgment, we will be judged for Heaven or hell on the basis of how we treated the poor, particularly on how we treated the most vulnerable among them (“widows, orphans and strangers.) Among these are the unborn, the refugees and the immigrants. “  


This concludes my report.  



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Communications Communiqué #6 - Oct 2018


Adele Giblin, Provincial Communications


Provincial CWL Fall Meeting Oral Report October 11 – 13, 2018

I brought this report from Fall meeting so it is more convenient for my readers. 


Thanks for so many communiques, reports and photos coming to me for the   I would appreciate you reviewing my Communiques that guide you to prepare your report.


Announcements: Send announcements of your events well ahead of when they happen.  Our webmaster would like to increase “Announcements / Upcoming Events” sections so that it can truly become a useful tool for members wondering what is happening, where and when.       


CWL email address: It is strongly suggested to make a separate email address for CWL.  It really helps to keep the CWL topics together and separate from your personal emails.  I had recommended this previously but I hear from some executives that it may be a good project for this fall.


Diocesan pages are created:  I would ask you to check these pages for all three diocese.  It will give you examples of what has been submitted.  If your communiques and annual reports from the last year or so are not there, I ask you to send them in so we can get the site unified for each diocese.  With computers able to save all this information, we are not asking you to rewrite your reports but just share them. 


Financial reports: When you delete the whole table of numbers, all your inputted information will get deleted.

Paragraphs: Add space between paragraphs for easier reading.


Photos: Send in jpg and on their own and not in the word document.  Identification of the people in the photos makes the story more interesting. Please review my communique #2. 


Privacy: You can have your address, phone number, email address on your reports to your executives.  When you send them for website, this private information should be deleted before you submit it for website. 

Sentence Spaces: Our computers space the words of the sentence line so we do not need to have two spaces after a sentence. This is a practice from the typewriter days.


Spellcheck: We have the wonderful “Spellcheck “on our computers but you need to double check it.

Subject line:  Identify if you are “provincial or diocesan” and “communique or question or whatever is appropriate”.


Word document:  Send typed word document and webmaster will put it into pdf.  She may need to edit for space, etc.


Share this information and my communiques with all your parish and diocesan ocunterparts and I will put this information on the provincial website as well.  I agree it is a lot of information but once you get in the habit of this, it does really make sense. 


This concludes my report. 



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Communications Communiqué #5 - June 2018


Adele Giblin, Provincial Communications


Saskatchewan Provincial Convention 2018 Communications Oral report

I have brought this report over to the communiques so it is more convenient to my readers.  


Communication on provincial and national websites is important for our readers.   They will see how we are living out our theme Inspired by the Spirit and Women Responding to God’s Call.   We hope we encourage new members and educate and enthuse current members.  I encourage you to check out for national and for diocesan and provincial news.   When submitting activities around your councils and reports, I encourage you to exclude your address, phone number and personal emails.  It is not safe to put your personal information on unprotected websites.   If you wish to contact a diocesan or provincial executive, please send it to me at and I will be pleased to forward your email to the appropriate executive member.  In the Subject line of the email:  Attention:  Provincial President or Diocesan Resolutions, etc.  We welcome hearing from all our councils. Please review my Communications Communiques #1 and #2 to guide you how to prepare your good news.  Watch for Communique #3 in June.  If you do not have internet access, I would encourage you to ask one of your CWL members to print out some articles from these websites so everyone in your council has access to this information.  Have a look at Saskatchewan cwl website where you will see Newfoundland’s submission about the quilts they created for our Humboldt Broncos.   See national’s “On the Spot” communication project to see Humboldt CWL’s thanks to all prayers and actions to help with the Bronco tragedy.  The point of these two examples is the news can be spread so effectively through these available sites.    


The Prairie Messenger newspaper has been a faithful source of Catholic and Christian encouragement for almost a century.  Unfortunately it closed its doors May 2018. I have brought a couple recent ones if you wish to browse through them. The Catholic Register serves every province and has won dozens of awards. The Prairie Messenger’s Leah Perreault has agreed to write a monthly column. Fr. Ron Rolheiser appears weekly. Mary Morrocco contributes monthly. The Catholic Register can continue provide a weekly Catholic newspaper to our homes. I received this information in the recent Prairie Messenger edition.  They offered two free copies if you were a subscriber. Introductory price to subscribe for one year which is 47 issues: Print is $35.00, Digital is $25.00 and Print and Digital is $45.00.  You are welcome to browse The Catholic Register at my table.   The company office is Toronto, Ontario.  Call toll free 1 855 441 4077 ext. 404. 


This concludes my report.  


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Communications Communiqué #4 - July 2018


Adele Giblin, Provincial Communications


Theme: Inspired by the Spirit      Women Respond to God’s Call


Our National Communications Chairperson Shari Guinta, is also Catholic Women’s League (CWL) National 2nd Vice President. I thank Shari for her dedicated work at National CWL. Good luck on your new endeavor as the new National CWL Executive unveils at the August 2018 National Convention in Winnipeg. 


I will recap her July 24/2018 Communique #8.  Her complete Communique can been seen on now.  She hopes the new chairpersons on Communications review past communiques to carry on with the issues regarding technology and pornography. She mentions the success and popularity of “On the Spot” about council activity on the National CWL website. She encourages us to continue submitting picture(s) with brief description to national office. Shari promotes positive aspects of the internet and variety of technology such as Facebook, twitter, email and websites. The League must evolve if it is to survive. 


Live streaming for annual convention in Winnipeg will be provided for the Keynote address of Archbishop Murray Chatlain (Keewatin Le-Pas) on the topic “Listen Slowly: Women Guided by the Spirit”. The telecast with be available via link on the national website on Tuesday August 14 from 12:45 to 3:15 pm in Saskatchewan. Visit


Exciting news!  National website will be revamped just prior to the national convention. Due to popular use of hand held technology, an update will make website easier to navigate. View website often.   


To contact National CWL office, you can use toll-free phone number 888–656–4040 or email   or write to National CWL, C 702 Scotland Avenue, Winnipeg, Manitoba R3M 1X5.


The Prairie Messenger newspaper last edition was May 2018. We bid them fond farewell. A suggested alternative is The Catholic Register. I will provide a few titles and words of some articles in the July 22 – 29 / 2018 edition.  


From New Delhi. “Mass Appeal: Celebrating Eucharist in unconventional places ” … at the ballpark, at home, at prison.


From New Delhi: “Nuns fight back against false news”. Missionaries of Charity say order is not involved in child trafficking. 


From Ottawa: “Five more businesses join attestation fight”.  Federal government now faces five federal court legal challenges by private businesses against the Canada summer jobs pro-abortion attestation requirement. 


From Ottawa: “Ontario sex-ed curriculum back on drawing board.” The repeal of Ontario’s controversial sex education curriculum by the new government had elicited reactions ranging from jubilation to gloom among Catholic education stakeholders.


The Catholic Register article: “New Canadians are keeping the faith alive.” Immigrants are driving the bus for almost every faith community in Canada, but none more-so than Catholics.


From Ottawa: “Standing on Guard for Life”. Fr. Tony VanHee has maintained his abortion protest on parliament Hill for nearly 30 years.


From Edmonton:” …and re-building for the future”. Tiny parish in Alberta is filled with big hearts.  They rebuilt their church. 


From Fr. Ron Rolheiser: “Forgiveness is the greatest miracle”. He states nothing falls outside the scope of God’s power to forgive, to resurrect and make new, fresh, innocent and joyful again. 


In my June 2018 Provincial Convention Oral report, which is on this website (the website), I have the prices and details of ordering The Catholic Register magazine. To explore more from The Catholic Register Archives, go to 


Please review my Communique #1 and #2 and 2018 Provincial Convention Oral report to help you to prepare and submit articles to the Diocesan or Provincial sections of this website.  It is growing and interesting.  Have a look.  


This concludes my report.



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Communications Communiqué #3 - June 2018


Adele Giblin, Provincial Communications



Duties of Communications Standing committee is to communicate the Good news of the gospel by words and action.


I will give a quick overview to use as you plan for the fall season.


Please review the provincial chairperson annual reports on which may give you some ideas of what you could include in your next meetings.    The oral reports from the April diocesan and June provincial conventions are also on this website.  Provincial executive submit communiques every couple months so have a look.  National website has the resolutions, prayer services, information of many topics, so sit back and read what our executives have prepared for you. 


Please link onto before July 18 to give your opinion to the Strategic Planning Committee.  They are asking our opinions on how National CWL can improve and strengthen CWL.  You just push the “excited”, “anxious”, etc. responses on the answer suggestions.  Click, you are done.  


The Canadian League Magazine: There are great reports from the National Executive.  I look forward to reading my magazine three items a year.


Media for Evangelization:   My Communiques #1 and #2 have detail on how to submit reports to the website.  There are many good reasons for all the information presented there. Please have a review of those and my provincial convention oral report. 


Media to Promote the League:  You could encourage members to monitor media content and discuss at a meeting.  It is good to hear when there is good content but make others aware if there is some content that should be monitored.   


Newsletters and church bulletins: Publish newsletters that have items of interest to the parish bulletin regularly.  Members like to keep informed. 


Media Relations:


We are asked to subscribe to at least one Catholic newspaper.  The Prairie Messenger has closed May 2018.  The Catholics Register newspaper can continue to provide a weekly catholic newspaper to the homes of The Messenger’s loyal readers.  If you had a Prairie Messenger subscription, you could order two free issues. To order, you can call toll free 1- 855-441-4077 Ext 404. May 20 issue, two articles discuss the documentary film A Man of His Word which shows that Pope Francis is true to the Word.   Director Wim Wenders explains Pope Francis is on the move because of a message he needs everyone to hear.  The German director worked with the Pope for two years. Wim had four long sit-down sessions with the Pope and plied him with questions.  He allowed Pope to speak directly to every viewer and listener about his concerns and all the issues that matter to him.    See the movie.  It will move you.



Issue of pornography should be a concern of all members and invite members to participate in Pornography Hurts Campaign by downloading the postcard for the national website to send to local, provincial and federal politicians. Continue writing to Prime minister, minister of justice, and local members of parliament urging them to continue to object to pornography in all its forms. For the federal politicians, we do not need to pay postage.  I watched the trailer at:  The one comment from a young boy said he was playing one of his games and a pornography scene popped up. He had not been looking for it.    


Resources and References:


As mentioned above, The Canadian League, Communiques, resolutions are educational. 

The following are available from National office:


  • National Manual Policy and Procedure
  • Resource list
  • Constitution and bylaws
  • Personal letter writing guide
  • Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops (CCCB) 

Toll free:  800 – 769-1147

  • Canadians Addressing Sexual Exploitation (C.A.S.E.)  

519 – 728 - 3432

  • Current addresses for additional addresses may be obtained from national office. 

204 - 927 – 2310      email:   


All diocesan chairpersons are expected to send communiques to their parish counterparts several times a year.  Please feel free to use the information here to help you prepare those communiques.   A copy of each communique must be sent to provincial president, your provincial counterpart and a copy to myself to forward to the diocesan section of the provincial website.


Thanks ever so much.  Let’s keep communicating.



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Communications Communiqué #2 - November 2017


Adele Giblin, Provincial Communications


Theme: Inspired by the Spirit    Women respond to God’s Call


The diocese now have their own pages on the Provincial website. There are already some interesting events posted, and you can see them here: <>


We welcome more events from around the province. Let us know what is going on in your parish. You can send you communiques, events and pictures to the provincial communication chairperson at


Submissions to the Provincial CWL website should follow these guidelines:


  1. Clearly identify the parish, town and diocese the submission is from.
  2. Councils may send in more than one submission. Submissions can be communiques or events.
  3. Communiques and reports should be in downloadable (clickable) pdf files. They should be sent in MSWord and we will convert them to pdf.
  4. Each event shall be limited to one topic.
  5. Items must be about CWL events. How was the League involved?
  6. Events of particular interest are those that are innovative and those that are replicable by other councils.
  7. Events and celebrations should be in doc or docx (MSWord) or txt (Text) or rtf (Rich Text Format). Format and pictures should be included separately (up to 5 pictures per event) in jpg format with full resolution (original/actual size). Do not send pictures that have been reduced for email.
  8. Identify the people in pictures, except for crowd shots. List the names, left to right, back to front.
  9. Quoting from a National CWL email:  “Any photograph taken at a public event does not require permission. Should a council wish to announce that photographs are being taken and that they may be published prior to the actual photographs being taken, this would allow anyone not wanting to be photographed the opportunity to extract themselves.”   
  10. Text with events should be short and to the point (up to 300 words), but detailed enough to cover what happened at the event. Descriptions of what is in the pictures should be included where necessary.
  11. Communiques should not have personal email, phone number or address on it.
  12. Submission texts should be page-ready as a “story” as it would be presented on the website (excluding photos which will be submitted separately).
  13. If you are including any published work, you must get copyright permission from the publisher before it can be put on the website.
  14. Newspaper articles will be eliminated unless they are clearly readable and authorization to reprint has been received.
  15. Events may be edited for such things as space requirements. Any personal items and comments will be edited out. Submissions shall be reviewed and approved by the communications chairperson prior to being posted on the website.
  16. The communications chairperson in consultation with the provincial president may decide to not publish a submission.


Here is the information to submit articles to the National CWL website “On the Spot”. 

  • Submissions may be emailed to with the subject title “On the Spot” submission.
  • All submissions should be 50 words or less and include at least 2 high resolution photographs.  All articles will reviewed and edited for content and should reflect council activities that may be shared to other councils – examples: fundraisers, personal care home visits, rosary making, etc. 
  • Focus should be on the council and not on an individual.  Neither birthdays nor pin awards/ ceremonies are posted.  For ideas, please see either the national website under On the Spot tab or national Facebook page. 
  • As a rule, we try to post only one event per council per month so that all councils have an opportunity to share their events. 


This concludes my report.  



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Communications Communiqué #1 - June 2017


Adele Giblin, Provincial Communications


Theme: Inspired by the Spirit         Women Respond to God’s Call

Welcome aboard to the Communications Standing Committee.  I look forward to chatting / communicating with many of you in the next two years. 


The duties of this chairperson are: 


A. The Canadian League magazine


Invite members to contribute articles to the magazine, read the magazine, and encourage members to use the magazine as a resource. 


B. Media, including social media, for evangelization.


Promote the League, evaluation and promotion of good content, and newsletters and bulletins. Publicize faith-orientated programs. World Communications Day is the first Sunday in June.  


C. Media relations


Be responsible for releasing all council news stories, in consultation with the president.  Make use of local media to advertise council activities and special events. Encourage members to utilize the League’s websites for up-to-date information.  Communiques from national and provincial chairpersons are regularly posted on the websites. National website is and provincial is  National CWL has a Facebook account.  It is a great way to communicate as news items are posted directly to the Facebook feed.  The page will include updates on League activities, photos and stories.  Please select the “like” icon on the Facebook page to follow along.  Share the updates with your friends.  Twitter account is also a great social media service in which updates are restricted to 140 characters, making it user-friendly for busy members.  Please follow @CWLNational for updates and feel free to “tweet” (and “retweet”) League news.   Members are encouraged to learn more about the use of On the Spot which was launched January 2017 at It is a resource to share council news across Canada and all visitors to the national website.  It focuses on the creative and meaningful activities you make happen in your council on a regular basis.  On the Spot submissions will be posted immediately.  (I see five Saskatchewan councils and Saskatoon Diocesan council have submitted to On the Spot.  Let’s see how many more I will see next year this time.  Let’s show the country how active we are.)


Here are some suggestions to prepare your submission.   Some of these are from the previous Be League ideas and I think they may help you get started. 


  1. Each submission shall be typed and not exceed 50 words.  
  2. Each submission shall be limited to one topic and one to three photographs.   
  3. Councils may send in more than one submission.
  4. Items must be about CWL events. How was the League involved?
  5. Council title and location must be mentioned.
  6. Items should be new or innovative and able to be replicated by councils.
  7. There will be limited focus on anniversaries, service pins, members’ years of service and members’ birthdays. They may be listed.  Details will only be included if there is significant importance of the event.
  8. I quote from National CWL email response to us:  “Any photograph taken at a public event does not require permission. Should a council wish to announce that photographs are being taken and that they may be published prior to the actual photographs being taken, this would allow anyone not wanting to be photographed the opportunity to extract themselves. “   
  9. Photographs should be cropped to eliminate distracting details and provide better balance.  (Sending photos separate from written article   AND send photo with full resolution to ensure better clarity.) 
  10. Newspaper articles will be eliminated unless they are clearly readable and authorization to reprint has been received.
  11. Personal items and comments shall be excluded or edited out.
  12. Submissions shall be reviewed and approved by the communications chairperson prior to being posted on the National website.
  13. The executive director in consultation with the communications chairperson may decide to not publish a submission.


If you see information of Canadian interest that you feel pertains to CWL, like articles pertaining to our resolutions, send an article in.  


  • Encourage members to try an activity, fundraiser, prayer service, workshop, quilting bees, crafters, outreach to projects for community or other countries, etc.  I know so many quilts were created for the National lap quilt project.  Let’s see them.  Please include the members that were involved (if they allow), not just the product. Be creative. Adapt it to suit your members and submit an article to national and provincial websites.   Print a copy from the websites and take it to a council meeting.  Usually members want to see themselves and their friends online and not everyone has a computer.   
  • Phoning tree is a committee who phones members to notify them of monthly meetings and special events.  Emailing members is also a successful way of keeping them up to date.
  • Media Evaluation and Promotion of Good Content.  Encourage members to monitor media content. Your members can make their opinions known to producers, network executive, and advertisers, Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission and the Canadian Broadcast Standards Council.
  • Promote good television viewing and members should monitor children’s use of the Internet. 
  • Newsletters and Bulletins.  Publish a parish CWL council newsletter and insert items of interest in the parish bulletin regularly. Many shut-ins appreciate delivery of newsletters. 
  • Media Relations. The chairperson should be aware the council president is the official spokesman.  Introduce the president to the media in her area.  Attend workshops / seminars on media relations.  Ensure the information received from all other levels is shared with members. Subscribe to at least one Catholic Newspaper.  The Prairie Messenger last edition is May 2018. 
  • Tips of Media Interviews.  The chairperson should discuss questions to be asked before the interview begins.  Remain focused on the objective of the interview.  Recognize that what is said could be quoted, so words should be chosen carefully. Prepare short clips of words and phrases.  Ask that unclear questions be repeated.  Refrain from personal comments and speaking off the record.  Treat all journalists with respect.  Observe media deadlines.  Have back-up material available for quick reference. Use plain language.  Remember, you are speaking for all Canadian CWL members, not your personal views. 


D. Pornography. 

The chairperson should be aware of the negative influence pornography has on children and adults.  Support national campaigns such as Pornography Hurts. You can obtain these postcards from national CWL office under “Resources-Forms”, write a short note in them and send them to minister of justice, and attorney general of Canada, another member of parliament and / or the prime minister.  Postage if free if sending to House of Commons.   Write individually to the government, send an email or call the government directly to let them know how you feel about pornography. One letter to government is equal to 100 voters. Let us keep the fight going by taking action now.   


Please send your articles for the provincial website which has the Diocesan tabs to myself.  Let’s show the country all of your good works.


Advice from our webmaster to have better success of good quality pictures and articles for the website.

  • Jpeg or jpg are the best for pictures. Also good are png or bmp, tif or gif.   Pretty much any PICTURE format.  Be sure that it is fairly large size (at least 1.5 “x 1.5” or larger) and a clear picture. She can crop where necessary.
  • Do not send pictures inside a document (like Word or pdf or html).
  • Send any text as MS Word, MS Wordpad, Notepad, plain text, or inside an email.  Do NOT send PDF format unless it is for download only and not to be displayed on the web page. 


Prince Albert, Regina and Saskatoon diocesan councils will have their separate tab on the Provincial website.


Use suggestions from C. Media Relations above to help compose your article to the websites.


Let me know if I can help.   I am learning too but will do my best to find the right answer.




Well, I think if you can do some of these suggestions, you will be Inspired by the Spirit and be Women responding to God’s Call.    





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